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Kevin Klein has emerged as one of Lake Tahoe’s most gifted photographers. This site contains his stock of photography available for fine art prints, editorial, or commercial use. The subjects contained include landscape and nature; outdoor, extreme and adventure sports; world travel, music as well as many others. Much of the work is based around Lake Tahoe and Truckee, but Kevin has also photographed around the world. This site is searchable by subject, location, emotion, color etc. Images are extensively key worded to make searching easy. If you are looking for an image with boulders on lake Tahoe at sunset you can see if I have it!

“Photography keeps the sights of everyday new for me. Each hour, each day, and each season changes the look of the mountains, of the sky, of the lake, of the trees. I appreciate these changes everyday and celebrate them with my art. Seeing new sights, whether it’s a monk in an overgrown temple in Cambodia, a fresh snowfall on a peak in Alaska, or a sunrise over Lake Tahoe, inspires in me a love for life.”